Leadership is not a Position or Title, It is Action & Example

Rajiv Lakhanpal

Mr. Rajiv Lakhanpal

Chief Marketing Officer

Rajiv’s has diverse experience in banking technology, consulting and hospitality. He believes in driving value for stakeholders and has strong bias for action, unleashing people potential for maximising revenue and identifying new pockets of profitable growth.

Mr. Himmat Dhaliwal

Mr. Himmat Dhaliwal

Marketing Head

Mr. Himmat leads the global marketing initiatives for Ganit. He has over 15+ years of experience in managing and building brands for a wide range of product and consulting companies.

Neeta Chawla

Mrs. Neeta Chawla

Director Governance

Mrs. Neeta possess a sheer passion for Management. Aspiring to turn her passion into her profession, She has been managing all the core functions at Ganit and has raised the organization to unparalleled heights.

Ashok Chand

Mr. Ashok Chand

Director Governance

Mr. Ashok Chand holds the proud distinction of being the Database Guru, he is currently serving as Director of Governance and is credited with bringing about a new wave of diversification to Ganit..

Mohit Arora

Mr. Mohit Arora

General Manager

Mohit is an innovative thinker with broad expertise in Operations Management, Strategic planning and Delivery. His 17 years of experience allows him to gauge business goals better and steer the organization towards them.